Our Mission

Mission: Over the last 10 - 20 years, there has been a serious decline in enrollment in Cincinnati elementary schools. This has occurred for a couple of reasons- changing neighborhood demographics and changing family demographics. There has been a trend over the years to leave the cities and move out to the suburbs. This has caused enrollments in some areas to drop as much as 50% in 7 years. Also, smaller families translate to fewer kids. Therefore, incoming classes continue to get smaller and smaller. In 1970, there were 80,000 children enrolled in Cincinnati Public schools. That number today is just over 30,000.

This has also seriously impacted many of the urban Catholic schools that reside in these communities. While they have been facing the same enrollment issues, the problem is exacerbated when you have to spread the costs of these schools over fewer children, leading to escalating tuition rates. Since these schools reside in primarily middle to lower middle income neighborhoods, it becomes difficult for families to afford to costs of values based education, especially for single parents. These are schools that have, in some cases, 100 year track records of success. 98% of students attending Catholic schools graduate from high school and 94% go on to college. These schools also provide a solid foundation of values that truly last a lifetime. Many are critical to the survival of some of our urban communities as the local public schools are in academic watch or academic emergency. In some cases, the Catholic schools in these communities are the last resort many parents have to insure that their child gets a quality education.

It is the mission of the Greater Cincinnati Performing Arts Society to provide financial assistance for those families who wish to attend Catholic elementary schools and provide a values based education for their children. We plan to do this through a series of concerts featuring Grammy nominated and award winning performers. At the same time, we look to provide a benefit to the city of Cincinnati by providing high quality entertainment in an upscale theater setting and offering these performances at an affordable price, providing a win for everyone. Our organization has the unique distinction of benefitting the arts as well as education.

We invite you to check out some of our performers at the great intimate venues that we offer and join us in our commitment to help others.

The Greater CIncinnati Performing Arts Society - Where Great Arts Support Great Education!

The Greater Cincinnati Performing Arts Society is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.